October 23, 2017
October 23, 2017


The building was constructed in the North-eastern corner of the Citadel over the structure of some older noble houses from the 16th century. The edifice overlaps one of the four sides of the former Roman Castrum in Apulum which had the same alignment as the medieval citadel. Over time, the building used to have both civil and military purposes.

The names under the edifice used to be known are in connection to the functionalities it used to have or the personalities it used to shelter. It was the House of the Saxon Thrones when Alba Iulia was the capital of the Transylvania principate. Like other buildings inside the citadel it was transformed so to reflect the political importance of the city.

Most likely it was the place where the Saxon population representatives used to be hosted when sent with different missions in Alba Iulia. The building had famous dwellers as well. For example, in 1736 the Director of the Alba Carolina Fortification used to live here. In the beginning of the 90s the building received a military purpose, status held until 1929.

It is the year in which the Alba County Prefecture was established, until that moment it used to function in Aiud. This is why the building is also known as the „Former Prefecture”. The first prefect of the county, after the Union in 1918, was the lawyer known as Ioan Pop, the one who began the procedures of moving the prefecture in Alba Iulia. Since 2002, the Alba County School Inspectorate has functioned here.