October 24, 2017
October 24, 2017


The State High School of Alba Iulia was the first of its kind to be established in Transylvania after the 1918 Union. Founded on 1 February 1919, the high school was called Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave). 

The new educational establishment didn’t have a place of its own and changed several places in the first phase of existence during the interwar decades. The first place was the building which currently hosts the „Regina Maria” High School of Music and Fine Arts. Its courses started with 300 students who were distributed in five classes.

The foundation stone of the new high school headquarters was laid in 1923, on a four-hectare plot west of the citadel, on the Roman Plateau. The works were completed only in 1940, but before being functional, the building had still served as headquarters for other institutions. In 1938, for instance, Alba Iulia became the capital of Mures County land whose Land Royal Residence activated in the high school building. The building began to serve the purpose for which it was built from 1940-1941 school year. The high school was however evacuated just four years later when the building entered the service of the Soviet army which organized a military hospital here. The quality of the teaching staff was an important argument in raising the prestige of the high school. The high-ranking professors who taught here were important people at least for the local scientific and cultural environment. The high school changed into the Secondary School Horea, Closca and Crisanin 1965.  Nowadays, it still bears the names of the leaders of 1784 Revolt, but it has the rank of National College, being one of the prestigious secondary school institutions in Alba County.