October 23, 2017

It rises in Unirii Park, the area where, in 1918, the over 100,000 Romanians from all over Transylvania gathered to decide on the Union of Transylvania with Romania.

The monument was completed in 2018 and is considered a tribute to those who achieved the Great Union, an act decided in Alba Iulia, on December 1st, 1918.

Made of limestone from Vratsa (Bulgaria), the monument consists of four crosses of equal size, which symbolically end in a dome at the top.

All elements of the work arrived in Alba Iulia prefabricated, and on the spot, the post-transport parts were checked and assembled in situ, as in a Lego joint.

The work bears the signature of the artist Mihai Buculei. The sculptor participated, in 1993, in a national creative contest for the erection of the National Unity Monument, through a program initiated by the Ministry of Culture. The model presented by Mihai Buculei was declared the winner.

The contract for the construction of the monument was signed by the Ministry with the sculptor Mihai Buculei in June 2018.

The connection between the Union Monument and the Coronation Cathedral is ensured on the bridge of the Great Union. The bridge is 150 meters long and 6 meters wide and is the most spectacular element in the urban rearrangement of the Unirii Park area.

Monument of the Union in figures:

  • 1350 tons: weight of the monument;
  • 53 pieces of stone blocks: used to erect the monument;
  • 22 meters: height of the monument;
  • 16 meters: the height of each of the four columns of the monument;
  • 10 columns about 24 meters deep: they were cast for the foundation;
  • Over 10 million Lei: it cost the construction and location of the monument, money allocated by the Romanian Government.