October 23, 2017
Via Principalis
October 23, 2017


The main building of „1 Decembrie 1918” University is one of the most grandiose edifices within the fortress of Alba Iulia, erected in the late 1800s. Ever since it was established, it was designed for education, housing, at first, the Majláth Roman Catholic Superior Gymnasium.

The edifice, of considerable size, was built on the site of a former Gothic hall church. The neoclassical building impresses in particular through its main façade decorated with columns with fluted shafts, monumental Ionic and Doric capitals, and various other ornamental registers with vegetal-geometric motifs. Triangular fronts, columns and other classic decorations bring to the viewer the image of an ancient temple.

Since its foundation, the building was provided with classrooms, laboratories, a library, an amphitheater, a chapel and offices for the Majláth Gymnasium. After the Union of Transylvania with Romania, the edifice remained a space dedicated to education, hosting secondary school institutions.

The building changed its status after the foundation of the „1 Decembrie 1918” University in 1991, which took over and modernized it. The C-wing building of the university currently hosts lecture rooms, course and seminar classrooms, laboratories, a museum collection with an Archaeology exhibition, and the offices of four of the five faculties of Alba Iulia university.