October 23, 2017
October 23, 2017


Built in 1905, the Gisella Palace was the first two-stories building in the Lower Town. Located in the central square of the city, the palace was the tallest central building with its three levels and the tower. The building was owned by the Glück family, Jewish and one of the richest in the city. The Gisella Palace also distinguished by its main façades which faced both sides of the city’s square, where celebrations and fairs were organized in the early 1900’s.

The edifice is nowadays the most impressive private building still standing since the city center scenery of the early twentieth century.

After 1965, the building became the headquarters of the People’s Council of the Alba County and of the County Court, and then – in 1990 – the headquarters of other institutions. The rooms on the ground floor currently have a commercial destination.

At present, the square is called „Iuliu Maniu”, after the statue in its central area, dedicated to the person who was president of the Transylvanian directing council – the provisional government after the Union of 1918. He was also both deputy of Vinţu de Jos and Prime Minister of Romania.

These days, the building belongs to the family Macarie who restored and rehabilitated it, bringing its past beauty back to life.